Rutgers Collaborative for Raritan Education & Observation
Department of Marine & Coastal Sciences


The Raritan River has a rich history, which includes strong ties to Rutgers University. However, for Rutgers students the Raritan River has in the past been perceived as a problem, a physical barrier separating campuses experienced primarily through the windows of a bus.

The Rutgers Collaborative for Raritan Education & Observation proposes to transform the Raritan Basin into an academic solution, an interactive field laboratory that enhances the student experience by linking science, engineering, and humanities programs through interdisciplinary classes, projects and activities that take place not only on the banks of but actually on and in the Old Raritan and its tributaries.

There are a number of ways to get involved with the Raritan Initiative including:

For an overview of the RCREO, check out our flyer.

RCREO is a member of the Rutgers Raritan River Consortium.

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